• Can I watch a class before taking a class?

    Yes, we encourage people to come watch a class before taking their free class. Family members are also allowed to watch class at anytime.

    • Do I need to have experience before joining?

    No experience required. All levels of knowledge are welcome.

    • What should I expect during the first class?

    You’ll be introduced to the team members and given a tour. We’ll start class with a warm up, do some drills, practice several techniques and class usually ends with sparring. New students do not spar during the first couple of classes.

    • ​What should I plan to wear to my first class?

    For No Gi class, wear a tshirt and drawstring shorts w/no metal (no zippers/buttons). For Gi class, we wear Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s. You can purchase a Revolution team Gi right at our school.

    • Is there anything else I should bring to class?

    A water bottle and a towel.

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